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  • Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero

    A middle-eastern animated feature film i worked on as Simulation artist for Cloth and Hair and Fur.

  • The 7th Dwarf

    In this German hit feature film I was responsible for Shading and asset modeling(particle leafs for jungle).

  • Lego: Second One To Know

    I was the lead lighting TD for this hit Chris Stephalton music video.

  • Mavka: The Forest Song

    In this Ukrainian movie trailer I did Lighting, Shading and fluid Simulation

  • Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero

    A middle-eastern animated feature film i worked on as Simulation artist for Cloth and Hair and Fur.

  • Space Dogs: Happy Family

    A super hit Russian tv series based on astronaut dogs, I did Lighting for this project.

  • Rusty Knight II: Full Metal Racket

    I did Lighting and Fx(planetary rings at the beginning of the movie)on this German hit.

  • Reborn: Journey to New Age

    In this Si-Fi Project i did all the Simulation and the Fx and some compositing

  • Stalingrad: Recreated

    This is a personal project I did. I did everything here except the modeling.

  • Bilal: A New Breed Of Hero

    I worked on as Simulation artist for Cloth and Hair and Fur.

  • The Spice Lounge

    About Us

    A little about myself, and the things & design I do, and love to do.


    I'm a CG Generalist, Look Developer, Lighting and VFX artist currently working at BFX CGI Kolkata as same.I am all responsible for all the Look Development and Vfx things happens in the studio.

    I'm enthusiastic, eager to learn, positive, team-player and a web-geek who'll always find the shortest route to the treasure.

    Name Tanmoy Roy
    ADDRESS Kolkata, India
    Phone +91 - 9883565822
    E-Mail [email protected]
    The Spice Lounge
    The Spice Lounge
    The Spice Lounge

    Thing's I Do

    Just a small showcase of my best works. For more check my vimeo, cgsoceity and artstation channel

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    the Paxton Gipsy Hill


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    I've been working in this CG Industries for more than 6 years now. And here are all my skills and the achievements and notable things that happened to me so far.
    • Lighting & Compositing (Redshift, VRay, Arnold, Renderman, Nuke etc.) 70%
    • Lookdev (Redshift, VRay, Arnold, Substance, Renderman etc.) 70%
    • Particle Effects & Fluid Simulations (Destruction, rain, snow, Pyroclustic, magic, debris, etc.) 60%
    • Scripting (Mel, Python) 40%
    • Modeling (3DSMAX , Maya) 50%

    Professional Experience

    • 3D Generalist / VFX Compositer - BFX CGI

      Simulations Lighting Shading Hair & ClothVFX

      In This studio, I'm currently working at, I'm simulating cloth hair for 3d characters, doing light for scenes, doing some shading in v-ray,renderman and also doing compositing as well as VFX simulation.

    • 3D Generalist / VFX Compositer - Tripwire Visionworks

      Simulations Lighting Shading Compositing

      This is the 2nd studio i worked as cg generalist. Here also i had to deal with lighting, shading, simulations, pyro fx and sometime texturing as well as some short of bg modelling.

    • 3D Generalist - Blowfish FX

      Lighting Shading CompositingSimulations

      I was responsible for all the fx related stuff at the studio, I did simulations, fire, smoke, water, particle effect and all .

      I was also involve in lighting in several project at the studio .

    Education & Certifications

    • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic

      Advance diploma in 3d animation Kolkata
    • Santipur Municipal High School

      Higher Secondary in Science streamSantipur
    • Santipur Municipal High School

      Secondary Schooling Santipur
    the Paxton Gipsy Hill

    Contact Me

    For general questions you can call or mail me. If you’re considering hiring me, then you can send me a message using the Enquiry Form button below. Thank you!

    the Paxton Gipsy Hill

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    If you’re considering hiring me or would like to know more or need any information, please fill the form below. Thank you!